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Background and Mission Statement

Graphic Design includes (but is not limited to)

Business cards
Flyers and posters
Logo Design
Web Site Design
Company Branding
Calendars and Cards
Activity Books
Book Illustrations
Book/Magazine layout
Media jackets and inserts

T-shirt/silkscreen design (note: I do the digital design only - not t-shirt printing. I have however been known to do artsy hand silkscreening and stencil prints, but I currently do not have the equipment to print onto fabric)

2004 - After my 3 years of schooling on Multi-Media Design and Production (website creation/delevopment, graphic design, video filming & editing, special effects, Flash animation) & Digital Post Production at Fanshawe College,  I received an internship at Kem Murch Productions Inc. where I have gained valuable experience in creating print elements and packages, including VHS & DVD Jackets and labels, handbooks, newsletters & activity books.

Kem shares my passion to produce positive videos and print packages and ran a wonderful business commited to producing multicultural videos, focusing on health, injury prevention, environmental and social issues.  Her productions have left a positive impact on the viewer and  this world. I could relate and was inspired.

I want my creativity to be used to produce something positive.  I like to create web sites and designs products, for companies, organizations and businesses who share my love for art, music, people, animals, the environment and a happy, healthy world.

2016 - After more than a decade of being a freelance print designer, I am anticipating more amazing projects in the future. Contact me and we might get the chance to produce something inspiring.



Sisters Thru The Glass

Prop design sketches from short story publication "Sisters Through The Glass"
Prop in "Glass" Short Film (Liminal Arts - 2016)
Film IMDB page here

Melissa's IMDB

Photograph and Graphic Composition
Sometimes a great photo paired with the right words can really say something.
Photograph by: Liminal Arts

Poster design to find a new home for Shadow!

Shadow needs a home
Mosaic Mind Productions

Mosaic Mind Pictures

Created a brand new logo for Mosaic Mind Pictures Inc., using themes related to the name and service of the company (film production)

Love Knots
Worked with the client to develop a new business logo
and a web site design.

Love Knots Photography
London Women's Artist Collective

Urban Tails London

The client requested a logo design and she had a very specific vision in mind. We worked together to develop something that satisfied us both. This logo really does tell a story and lets the viewer know exactly what Urban Tails is all about.

London Women's Artist Collective

I have created a web site and business card for LWAC, as well as taken on an key role in keeping the collective alive (administrative/organizational).  
E-mail: if you want more information.

London Women's Artist Collective

I've been inspired to create a source for information for sustainable living practices. The site is in it's infancy, so there is not much content yet, I've just done the design. Soon it will have information on housing, food, energy and transportation - and how we can make simple lifestyle changes to live with the earth instead of against it.
Please let me know if you like the design and what you think should be included on the site. I could use some writers. Contact me if interested in participating.
New site design and photography for SouthCentral Ontario Contracting Company,
"Building for a Sustainable Future"
Interested in how to make your home energy efficient? Thinking of building a home with low energy costs and renewable alternatives?
Find out more info on the site.

Paradise Contracting

Sapphire Spa
Worked with the client to develop a new business logo
and a web site design.

Sapphire Spa

Nick Beneteau
Designed a logo for Nick for use on his resume, letterhead and business card.


Thames Regional Ecological Association

Annual event poster design for the
Bicycle Festival & Commuter Challenge.
3 years in a row designing the print materials.
Visit for more info on the festival.

Also, in 2006, I designed a flyer and
t-shirt silkscreen design for the event.


Beneteau Home Inspections. Web site and Logo design.
Worked with the client to develop a web site design based on
ideas and colour scheme from existing print material.

Any questions or comments about my graphic design?
Contact me for rates.
Phone: 519-936-2063


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