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Services include:

Web Site Design: Development, design, animation, production and maintenance of custom websites and blogs.

Graphic Design: Logo design, company branding, poster & sign design, books, albums, zines, animation and more.

Video Production: Storyboard development, script writing, camera operation, video editing, animation, video package development, documentaries, directing, acting, music production and more.

Print Design: Design and printing of brochures, posters, flyers, cards, calendars, promotional packages, calendars and more

Photography: Digital SLR photography: Head shots, portraits, concerts, weddings, events, family, pregnancy, architectural, homesteads, nature, animals, stock photos and more. Film Photography: Photo restoration and digitization. Tutoring available.

Information needs to be displayed, in an effective manner, that attracts attention to your message. Promotional media can be used to expand your markets, explain a vision, state your mind and spread the word. Whatever your goals may be, these elements are essential to get heard and be recognized. But you also want it to look good.

Although I'm up for a variety of projects, community based, culture oriented, or ecologically friendly projects really get me motivated. I want to enhance the music, art and culture in my community and nation-wide. I believe my projects reflect these objectives.

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