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My name is Melissa Parrott and I am a multimedia artist from London, Ontario. This site is chock full of examples of my work, art and passions. With experience in such a vast array of media forms I can provide a valuable service to any individual, business or organization.

Web site design, videography, graphic design, logo design, illustration, filmmaking and photography are some of the services I can offer to you.  Visit the services section to find out more.

I can also offer/advise you on eco-friendly alternatives, recycled paper options and carbon reducing business practices.

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I have been been designing and creating print/web and video projects for the past 15 years.

I specialize in the creation of media elements for non profit organizations, small businesses, artists, community based and positive action projects.

After 3 years of post-secondary schooling on Multi-media design, website creation, graphics, video, special effects, 3D animation and broadcasting and over a decade of experience working for web design and production companies and as an independent freelance artist, I am anticipating more amazing projects in the future. If you are in need of art/graphics, photography, music video/recording and special FX/animations or design for online or print promotionals contact me and we might get the chance to produce something inspiring.


I am dedicated to promoting human rights and equality as well as environmental accountability and sustainability. Many of my previous projects have reflected those values. Enhancing music, art and culture in the community and nation-wide is also a primary objective. I can create beautiful designs in a variety of media formats and strive to use my talents for clients who are putting their energies towards making this world a better place. 


Assistant Director, Producer, Actor
Illustrator, Prop Creator & Set Designer

Winner of the Best Narrative Feature
in the Reading FilmFEST

Alternative Poster for 'GLASS'

Rambles in the Rustbelt
Video Editor

Downtown London Episode

Assistant Director

A film by Jason R. Gray
Liminal Arts
WInner of the Jury Prize at the
Toronto Independent Film Festival
Watch the teaser trailer here:

THE GOLDEN HOUR from Jason R. Gray on Vimeo.
(That's me in the teaser trailer!)


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